Saturday, April 10, 2010

what's next ...

I just want to give you a update on the projects status.
After thinking about how to use this with my new Tv and HTPC, the following ideas came up ...

1. update the code for the arduino to be multi protocol capable
I plan to implement the following protocols:
atmolight (allready done, just some cleanup), momolight, DMX, TBL (used by boblightd)

2. option for offline operation (standby animation, startup animation, fixed colour triggered somehow)

3. remote control via a IR tv remote control


  1. Seems like a great project!

    Do you have it working in xbmc under linux?

  2. thanks ... sadly the xbmc implementation is still not really working .. the current svn snapshot of the boblight branch of xbmc won't compile
    it worked with a older snapshot, but there was no VDPAU

    so for now it's still work in progress ... :P
    also didn't found time yet to start reworking the code

  3. didn't even knew you got your own branch :) it would be nice if it instead of beeing based on software control simply was a small box with hdmi in, in one end and hdmi out in the other :) I know this would require rather advanced digital signal processing but it would also be more commercially sellable.

    as a side note it seems abit wierd that everything you write on this blog is in english but the blog itself is in german :)

  4. hi mate, could you help out with an atmo setup ?
    i`ve put a comment on atmo post